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getvāyu Hypersonic

getvāyu Hypersonic

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getvayu Hypersonic Hair Dryer with 5 Attachments – High-Speed Brushless Motor, Rapid Drying, Frizz Control, Heat Protection, Low Noise, Straightening, Curling & Diffuser

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Style smarter, not hotter

It's time to Getvayu!

Embrace the styling revolution: 
Less heat damage, salon blowouts – all from home and with prices that don't break the bank!

feather-light and compact

Styling Your Hair Should be a Breeze Not a Workout

Upto 70% lighter and 40% smaller compared to conventional hair dryers!

intelligent heat control

The Tech Beind Reduced Heat Damage 

The Hypersonic provides advanced temperature regulation that distributes heat evenly to preserve the integrity and health of your hair.

For all your styling needs

5 Attachments, Endless Possibilities

Dry, Smooth, Curly, Voluminous 
The Hypersonic’s 5 attachments deliver all your favorite styles.

100,000 RPM Brushless Motor

Say Goodbye To Heat Damage

The Hypersonic utilizes high air-speed to dry your hair in minutes while protecting it from heat damage!

Learn How To Style!