More About Us

We are Raj and Sanya, the co-founders of vāyu, and our story is woven with passion, innovation, and a commitment to making life simpler.

Our story began with Sanya's struggle to find effective, yet affordable hair care. Her daily battle with maintaining long hair wasn't just her own; it echoed the challenges of many. This inspired Raj, an award-winning product designer, to create a change. He listened to the needs and desires of over a hundred women, fueling his vision to craft something extraordinary. The result is our pride, the vāyu Hypersonic - not just a hair dryer, but a symbol of empowerment and innovation. It's about bringing quality, affordability, and a touch of luxury to everyday hair care. 

Join us as we make quality hair-care accessible to all! 

Because with vāyu, it’s all about you!